Loan Programs

The mortgage industry is a fickle one. One day rates are up. One day rates are down. Laws and restrictions are ever changing.

It is our job, our only job, to not only know these laws and restrictions but to make them work for you, our client. Despite tightening credit restrictions, we can provide our customers with several different loans and loan options through our strategic network of lending partners. We routinely close even the most complex deals within 23 days, at some of the most competitive rates in the market. Combine that massive network of partnerships with our knowledge and expertise, and we have even more flexibility to provide you with the unique solutions you require. We have no problem working with your realtors. In fact, we welcome them! We don’t work hard on just the big deals because to us, every deal is a big deal. We use our full range of resources for every client, each one individually and uniquely designed to assist you through every stage of life. Whether you require an FHA loan as a first-time buyer, a complicated refi, commercial financing, or a reverse mortgage solution, Home Reliance Capital possesses the experience and the tools to get it done, even in today’s tough environment.

There’s no doubt about it, the mortgage loan process is complex. To navigate through it successfully you need a qualified professional to guide you every step of the way maintaining the knowledge and experience to keep you from making mistakes that can cost you time and money. Here at HR Capital we do things differently to simplify matters. We start by providing you with a dedicated specialist who will take the time to understand your specific situation and assist you until your loan is closed. We are constantly looking for new mortgage programs and other ways to help families save money everywhere we can. Contact us for advice and a free consultation today.

“Big or small, we finance it all!”