Home Inspections

Home Inspections Made Easy! Buying a home isn’t as easy as finding a house you love and striking a deal with the seller. There is a whole process that must be followed so that there are as few problems as… Read the full article.

Rebuilding Your Credit Score

Getting the Credit You Deserve Americans are finding themselves deeper and deeper in debt. 80% of adults have some sort of debt with mortgages being the most common. Recent data compiled by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York shows… Read the full article.

What is a Conventional Loan?

With the vast array of mortgage products on the market, as a potential homebuyer you may be asking yourself: “which one is right for me?” A conventional loan is a great mortgage to consider depending on your current financial and… Read the full article.

Mortgage 101

Mortgages are confusing.  Legalese is confusing.  Combine them together and things can become, well, confusing.  This is why Home Reliance Capital is happy to provide you with a few common mortgage terms and a few that aren’t so common.  We… Read the full article.

How to Choose the Right Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker is an individual or company that sells products for banks or individuals. They use a specified network of lenders to find the loan that is right for their client. They match a person’s needs with the right loan. Being able to recognize… Read the full article.

Reasons to Refinance

Getting a mortgage to buy a home can be challenging. However, refinancing that mortgage after you’ve bought your home is often much easier.  There are excellent reasons to refinance with Home Reliance Capital Corp and we want to explain them to… Read the full article.

5 Mortgage Broker Myths BUSTED!

Using the services of an accredited and licensed Mortgage Broker like Home Reliance Capital can save you time, stress and potentially thousands of dollars. The dedicated professionals at HRC will take the time to educate you on the process and… Read the full article.